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At Zara Capital, getting the best possible rates for their clients has always been a priority. But now, more than ever, their expertise and extensive network of lenders allows them to secure financing for their clients that traditional lenders may avoid in today's new lending environment.

Lending Flexibility


In addition to a wide selection of loan programs and lenders, including stated-income jumbo financing, pledged asset loans, FHA loans and private financing, Zara Capital has a dedicated team of highly-specialized short sale Advisors that have both the experience and expertise to maximize your chances of negotiating a successful short sale.

Based in Beverly Hills, Zara Capital's core asset is the quality of its people and their ability to leverage a broad network of private and institutional investors to quickly finance loans that a traditional lender may have difficulty funding on their own.




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Taking the time to get to know each client's unique situation.


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They then leverage their extensive network of lenders to find the perfect loan for each client on the best possible terms.


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