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Combined with user-friendly navigation features, SHORTsense is uniquely positioned to provide its users access to the largest database of both pending and bank-approved short sale properties available in the greater Los Angeles area.

SHORTsense.com, is a division of Zara Equity Corp. - a privately held real estate advisory firm focused on providing human resources, operational support and capital to early-stage companies involved in real estate services.

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We believe that the best real estate agents are those that specialize in very particular types of properties in very local markets. So instead of trying to serve the many with a mediocre product, we decided to serve the few by being the biggest and the best within our particular property type and within our local market.


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In addition to providing our visitors with the most comprehensive database of pre-approved and pending short sale properties in the greater Los Angeles area, we also help cash-strapped homeowners navigate their way through the maze of requirements that will need to be satisfied before their lender will approve their home for a short sale.

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