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Announcing the New Federal Gov HAFA Short Sale Program.


Federal government program that offers alternatives to foreclosure for people that are struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments and are heading towards foreclosure.


HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives ) - the only standardized short sale program adopted by multiple national lenders and servicers including Fannie Mae and the Freddie Mac that includes mandatory debt forgiveness by all lien holders.


The US Treasury Department has released the guidelines for the new federal Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program (HAFA). The HAFA program is designed to streamline the short sale process and offers financial incentives to both homeowners and mortgage banks to encourage this type of resolution versus foreclosure.


The purpose of the HAFA program is to help reduce the rate of foreclosures, for short sales have been shown to reduce the financial loss to the banks. And, short sale properties are rarely left vacant and neglected, thus reducing the chance of vandalism and deterioration that often becomes foreclosure properties.


The program includes government funded financial incentives for borrowers, investors and servicers paid at the completion of a transaction.


HAFA Short Sale Can Be Your Best Solution And Provide You Real Debt Relief!


Some of the HAFA program attributes include:


  • Foreclosure sale date postponed
  • Standardizes process, documents and timelines
  • Pre-determined cash incentives to both the Homeowners and Mortgage Bank servicer
  • $3,000 relocation incentive to qualified seller
  • Mandated timelines for approval (10 days)
  • Mortgage Banks are required to render a preliminary decision to short sale within 15 days after receiving a fully completed document package from the Homeowner
  • Pre-approved Short Sale terms and pricing
  • Listing Agent and Homeowner to receive pre-approved short sale pricing guidelines and terms prior to listing the property for sale
  • Mandated deficiency forgiveness
  • Mortgage Banks cannot seek a deficiency judgment or require homeowner to sign a promissory note for any unpaid balance
  • Mortgage Banks are required to release the homeowner from current and future mortgage debt liability
  • The US Treasury department is to share the cost of paying off the 2nd Mortgage holder to release claims, by matching $1 for every $2 paid by the 1st Mortgage Bank
  • Mortgage Banks are required to pay for all fees and costs, that are normally a cost of the Seller in a standard real estate sale
  • The Short Sale must be an “Arms Length” transaction, meaning no relative can be a buyer, nor can an investor buyer offer to sell the home back to original homeowner


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